Know about market updates


With the rise in interest in the Property Market in Perth, comes a huge problem – price increases, time delays etc.

With the release of the Government grants to home builders there has been a huge increase in pricing within the building industry especially with building brick houses.

Being a developer, I have had to try and find a solution to this problem, as not only are prices increasing constantly at an astronomical level, but the time delays are making the holding costs of the project unviable.

I have decided it is time to test another type of build – STEEL! The price is far less than building a brick home, and the build takes about 5 months to complete alleviating the holding costs.

The status is a 7 rating, warm in winter cool in summer, no termites, built to combat all weather.

So about to commence my first project of 3 double story townhouses, I will be putting this to the test!

I think the time has come to take building in WA to another level!