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Utilising a Different Marketing Strategy

Energy Realty wa with quite a few other single Real Estate Companies have decided to use a very different approach to marketing our companies.  Competing with the major Real Estate Agencies in Perth has always been a concern for the individual, boutique agencies.  Established reps who have been in the industry for years, have the knowledge, experience and client base tend to gravitate to working on their own.  This has always been an expensive, difficult road.  Ross Perkins has implemented a system whereby all the boutique agencies can work under one system called ‘Moovitnow’.   This allows us flexibility with bulk pricing so our clients have huge advertising benefits at very reduced

Offers 13 different websites namely:- Residential and commercial Sale and lease # 1 site Residential and commercial Sale and lease Business only Sale  #1 site Business only Sale  #world site Residential Sale Commercial Sale and lease Residential Sale and lease Residential Sale and lease Residential Lease Residential and commercial (coming) Sale and lease Residential and commercial (coming) sale and lease

Added to this the Energy Realty wa website and the Moovitnow website.   There are other behind the scenes benefits for Agencies which then help our performance in the market and give great benefits to Buyers and Sellers who utilise our Agencies.   I have been part of this since Energy Realty wa started in July 2015 and have found it extremely beneficial and financially rewarding to all concerned.

So be part of the happening team and let Energy Realty wa show you how!