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When choosing the right real estate agency, do you often wonder is it best to go with a huge, known company, a small exclusive agency, is the agent the most important thing or the company they work for?
I guess there are pros and cons to all the above!  Having worked in the real estate industry for the past 10 years, I have worked with most of the major companies in Perth.   While I guess the branding and marketing does help to put the company in the fore front of their competitors, they may not be the right agency for you.
Most of the larger agencies have stringent rules and regulations which the reps have to abide by, taking away their individualism and becoming more of a mass produced machine!     I have found that this technique has not worked for me, which is why I have opened a boutique agency to offer my clients a more personalised service.
I am able to provide a unique experience based on each individual seller or buyer, each unique property.  I will decide what works with each situation, not having to follow rules, created for the masses.  We pride ourselves in offering a very hands on service, we do not use PA’s and certainly don’t send other people to do our home opens.  We are hands on from start to finish, checking every step of the way until the key is in the buyers hand.
It is not just about the sale – it is about the follow through during the entire process.
I have taken the experience of all the major companies I have worked with and created my own niche in the market which will  help benefit my clients.
It is definitely about the Agent and not the Agency!!!!